dico valve
Dico Culture

Corporation purpose: Senior but not arrogant, try hard to create, bread through science, unity in good faith

Quality purpose: Quality first, efficiency first

Management concept:  Base on criterion, aiming at standardizing

Sales concept: We pursue what clients require, supplying sincere service and mold good quality

Development policy: Concentrate both on science and person, quality compared with service

Development purpose: Creation is not limited, exploit new products continuously, sustained to develop new road, open up new valve achievement, mold "DICO" permanent brand

Market service: Market is the soil to culture a corporation and a place of brand to contest. Salesmanship means not just to sale something only, but a bridge between corporation and customer to communicate




General Manager Speech:

1;What is the reason choose cooperation with DICO Valve?
Because professional,Continuous strict requirements, breakthroughs, continuous efforts for the quality of products.

2;What products do DICO Valve have?
Main of the valve products for Thread end & flange ball valve with mounting Pad.

3;What kind of quality level of DICO valve belongs to?

If full 100, we are close to 80 right now,we are keep moving everyday...

4;What about the price of DICO valve?
Moderate price, never think we'll have a high profit.I earn what we deserve.On the same quality, you will get the most favorable price and the best service.

5;How many employees Right now?
We are not a big company,we only have 40-45 employees right now;But all of them do valve for more than 3 years,Professional will be stable.we Have 32sets CNC machine;The annual output 5 million U.S dollar.

6;How to control the quality of DICO Valve?
We passed the ISO,CE,T&S, But the most important is the heart work!
We talk to the results,We have a great grasp,If have the first , that is forever.

7;What are the customers DICO valve?
Main of our customer need higher quality,Some well-known valve manufacturers from china, The United States, Brazil, France, South Africa, Australia,Peru, intelligence, Korea and so on,more than 70%.

8;What is the goal of DICO valve?

Do conscience products,To maintain product stability, workers stability,customer stability!

Doing business is being a person, sincerity,mutual benefit,Believe,friendship.

If insufficient, please advise!