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Valve operation method has the manual operation and the automatic operation.

The company can provide for the ball valve, butterfly valve driven research and development of the executive body. In addition, the implementation of other brands can also be installed.

Manual operation
    Manual operation mainly includes three ways
  • One、Hand wheel type

    Valve, cut-off valve of the typical manual operation. (Photos for stainless steel gate valve)

  • Two、Handle type

    Typical manual operation mode of ball valve。 (Photo for brass ball valve)

  • Three、Worm gear type

    Be set to butterfly valve, ball valve. In addition, there are hammering type, chain wheel. (Aluminum butterfly valve)

Automatic operation
    Automatic operation, according to the implementation of the power source is divided into two ways
  • One、Electric type

    Drive device with electric (AC or DC) as driving source. (Photos for type EXH)

  • Two、Pneumatic type

    Transmission device with compressed air as power source. (Photos for type FAS)

Drive type and typical valve
Driver Typical valve
Pneumatic type air cylinder Gate valve、Globe valve、butterfly valve、globe valve
Pneumatic type Air motor type Gate valve、Globe valve
Electric type Multiple rotary Gate valve、Globe valve
Electric type Part of the rotary globe valve、butterfly valve
Manual Gate valve、Globe valve、butterfly valve、globe valve

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