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Products using pressure range
  • The so-called pressure - temperature standard, considering the function and economy, designed for the selection of the valve standards,
  • a concrete manifestation of the medium temperature valve can withstand the maximum pressure,
  • according to the different materials group classification, respectively, expressed as a nominal pressure.
  • Types of nominal pressure
  • The so-called nominal pressure is the pressure of the valve, such as the classification of the figure, the number is only nominal, no unit.
  • Typical flange specifications for JIS
    ASME typical specifications and valve specifications
    Standard for pressure and temperature of ball valves
  • Ball valve pressure and temperature standards, different from the previous introduction of the valve, the valve is used to cut off the valve of the fluid metal (mainly PTFE). Therefore, in addition to according to the specifications of the body, but also with the according to the sealing valve seat to allow the use of specifications to type.
  • The actual range can be used to meet the conditions of the above two areas, if the valve stem seal, valve seat ring the use of rubber O ring, then limit more.
  • ■Rating of valve body (material rating)
  • accord with JIS [B 2220、2239、2240]、ASME [B16.34]
  • ■Rated value of valve seat
  • Based on the type of valve seat material and the size of the valve。
  • Standard for pressure and temperature of ball valves
  • 1)The JIS standard, such as bronze 5kg nominal pressure valve, medium is below 120 DEG C static water, the maximum can be used for 0.7MPa. Similarly, inASME Class 150 WCB -29 material, the temperature of 38 DEG C, allowing the use of a maximum pressure of 1.96 MP a (285psi). Nominal pressure and The maximum use of pressure is different, therefore, the actual use, please press the product samples, etc. to confirm the use of pressure.
  • 2)Nominal pressure of the selected margin (safety) fluid types, properties, and so very clear, can be selected from a number of valves to meet the pressure and temperature of the standard valve. Also once the operating conditions to determine the, except in special circumstances, nominal pressure we can determine, temperature pressure curve of the nominal pressure conditions will ensure under normal circumstances, on the margin, pressure plus 20% or 0.3-0.4MPa in any smaller value obtained values; a temperature and 25 DEG C can be of value. However, the compressor's outlet and connected to the heat exchanger, the need to take the conditions of the harsh side or pulse of the best value.
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