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Support all kinds of fluid DICO filter
  • In various fluid flows through various channels of water, oil and gas, air, steam, etc., mixed with some debris, and pipe corrosion and sealing washer off etc. will produce some foreign matter and waste, such as rotation is not to be used for processing, damage to pipe in a variety of valve seat, shorten its service life, and may lead to various machines will not operate properly, damage to the machine. In order to nip in the bud, the fluid in the debris, garbage separation Clear filter in the pipeline is playing an important role. The filter structure is built in filtered fluid debris and garbage screen, under the state of the pipes on the filter body are connected, that is, to to accumulate the sieve of debris and garbage cleanup.

  • Filter according to the switch can be divided into Y type and U type, etc.. KITZ production fluid resistance small, small space Y type filter and can be directly installed on the device U type filter.
  • Type and selection of Y type filter, filter net
  • The filter built-in screen for removal of the fluid in the debris and rubbish. But the need to choose the screen mesh according to the set of fluid type, pressure and velocity. Y type filter screen is divided into stainless steel plate according to a prescribed distance open porous plate screen and use stainless steel wire woven plain weave, moire barbed wire and the wire netting installed reinforcement with perforated plate double screen mesh structure.
  • ■Stainless steel wire mesh
  • Standard Specification for stainless steel wire mesh mesh (Mesh) representation. Is that the number of wire mesh mesh unit, plain, 1 inches between the 1 column of the mesh number. The greater the number, the more dense mesh. However, please note that even the same number, because the wire diameter of the aperture area will be different. The 1 inch 1 columns with 5 mesh, 5 mesh.
  • ■Thousand orifice (screen type)
  • In said porous mesh density, without the use of mesh. The specifications are expressed in the aperture x spacing
  • The standard screen KITZ filter as shown in the following table.
       varieties    Standard Specification    Optional*
       Bronze, cast iron and ductile iron castings (20K)
       Y Type filter
       60 degree stainless steel plate    20・30・40・60・80・100 order
       (Stainless steel wire, plain perforated plate reinforcement)
       Ductile iron (20K), stainless steel, cast steel
       Y Type filter
       40 order
       (Stainless steel wire, plain perforated plate reinforcement)
       20・30・40・60・80・100 order
       (Stainless steel wire, plain perforated plate reinforcement)
       Bronze, lead free bronze, cast iron, ductile cast iron (20K)
       Y Type filter and U type filter
       Standard Specification for public construction engineering of the Ministry of land and transportation of Japan
       40 order
       (Stainless steel wire, plain perforated plate reinforcement)
       80 order
       (Stainless steel wire, plain perforated plate reinforcement)
       cast iron
       U Type filter
       60°Stainless steel plate

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